Welcome to the lab, please watch your step...

Welcome to the lab, please watch your step.... I'm a busy young zombie just trying to balance writing, food and life. I love to cook and love to eat even more! And I promise I won't eat your brains—unless they are made from cake, then I can make no promises.
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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Berry Obsessed

It is summer! Like all those working in the educational system, I'm glad for the break. But most of all, I'm glad for the berries! Nearly every direction I look around my house has a farm or berry stand. Last weekend my stepmom and I went to a local pick your own strawberry farm. It's run by a local guy and his family. Strawberries are the only thing they grow. Most of the year he does concrete.

After years of trying this pick-your-own or that, my stepmom and I have come to the agreement that this is the only place we go from now on. He and his family are great, their prices are fair, and their strawberries are to die for! Small and sweet and plentiful. We spent an hour picking and ended up with 6lbs of strawberries!

Needless to say, with that many berries I was looking for things to do with them this week. Normally I'd make strawberry shortcake (REAL shortcakes, not that nasty sponge stuff) but after my wedding a few weeks ago my kitchen is running short on space so I didn't want to break out the food processor. So I went looking for some new ideas.

Now most people—at least most food bloggers—like to look at a bunch of recipes and tweak them around, combining what you like and trimming what you don't. Then you try it out, and tweak more to get the result you want. That's how most people make a recipe. That is what I intended to do this week as well as I searched for a good Strawberry Cobbler recipe. Then I found this recipe by Monique on her blog Divas Can Cook.

It is so simple you just can't mess it up. It works with any kind of berry (I know because when my local farm markets both ran out of strawberries I had to supplement my cobbler today with blackberries). Most of all, unlike a lot of recipes, this one isn't too sweet.

I can't make it any better because it is perfect. Some recipes just are. So I'll just leave these pictures, a link to the recipe and her video.

Recipe http://divascancook.com/fresh-strawberry-cobbler-recipe-easy-dessert/

Have fun trying it all and be sure to head over to Moniques site and check out all her other recipes (I tried her banana bread recently too and it was banging!)

To Miss Monique, keep up the great work!

**UPDATE** I've made this recipe many times by now and in many different ways. Not only is it great with many types of berries, it also works really well with Gluten Free Flour! (I made it for my Oma who has celiac disease and it turned out perfect). So for all my friends who are looking for recipes which can easily be adapted for gluten free flour—because let's be honest, some recipes just don't come out the same—this is a great one.

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